Thursday, January 21, 2010

Minivator Offset Footrest

Minivator's Offset Footplate has been designed to reduce the track height on a small number of staircases. In some instances the stair configuration would mean that a stairlift with a standard footplate would have to have a high track height to avoid a clash with the stairs as the stairlift travels around a corner. Sometimes this may even mean that a stairlift cannot be fitted.

The Offset footplate has been specially designed for use in circumstances where a standard footplate or and it allows the height of the track to be reduced significantly by changing the position of the footplate. As the track height is reduced the offset Footplate can also offer increased bulkhead clearances.

Further to this, this footplate can also fit into narrower staircases, again allowing a stairlift to be installed where a standard unit would not fit.

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