Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stannah Stairlift Rail Colours

Stannah 260 rails are now available in these colours as well as the standard pearl finish

Minivator Offset Footrest

Minivator's Offset Footplate has been designed to reduce the track height on a small number of staircases. In some instances the stair configuration would mean that a stairlift with a standard footplate would have to have a high track height to avoid a clash with the stairs as the stairlift travels around a corner. Sometimes this may even mean that a stairlift cannot be fitted.

The Offset footplate has been specially designed for use in circumstances where a standard footplate or and it allows the height of the track to be reduced significantly by changing the position of the footplate. As the track height is reduced the offset Footplate can also offer increased bulkhead clearances.

Further to this, this footplate can also fit into narrower staircases, again allowing a stairlift to be installed where a standard unit would not fit.

For more information and prices please call Dolphin Stairlifts on 0800 9800 126.

New look Minivator stairlift

Minivator's new seat offers a single seat solution designed to fit a greater range of users.
The seat is wider for added comfort, yet also has a reduced swivel radius, meaning it will fit into smaller narrower staircases and suits the needs of more clients.

The new seat will be supplied with Minivator's new innovative dual retractable inertia seat belt as standard. The belt can easily be secured at either one side or centrally using one or both hands, depending on the user's flexibility or preference. The new seat also has a redesigned manual swivel mechanism intended for users with limited strength and dexterity.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meditek Stairlifts - Heavy Duty Powered Hinged Track

UK stairlift manufacturer MediTek has developed a manual and powered - Heavy Duty Hinged Track for use on its straight stairlift range. The new Heavy Duty Hinge can now accommodate a safe working load of 160kg (25st) which is 40kg (6st) more than that of the standard hinge.

MediTek are confident they are the only UK manufacturer that can supply a fully compatible heavy duty powered hinge track for use on domestic stairlifts.

The new Heavy Duty Hinge is retrospectively upgradable and compatible with all other lift options and is available on all order. Please contact Dolphin Starlifts for more details.

Stannah Stairlifts - Curved Stairlift Rail Colours

Dolphin Stairlifts can now offer five optional rail colours to make sure your new Stannah Stairlift blends perfectly into your home. The new colours are only available on the 260 model, and the chair and carriage will be in Pearl.  The extra cost for this is approximately £500.

Please click the link to see a colour swatch of curved stairlift rail colours.

For more pdf's and information regarding several stairlift and mobility products please visit the Dolphin Stairlifts reference library. Alternatively, call us free on 0800 9800 126.

Stannah Stairlifts - Footrest Fold Button

Stannah Stairlifts have introduced the option of a new footrest fold button on the arm of the Sofia and Solus chairs. Just one click is all it takes to fold and unfold the footrest independently of the seat and arms.