Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Second Hand Stair Lifts

Buying second hand stair lifts is a viable and cost effective alternative to purchasing a brand new stair lift. Most stair lifts can be purchased new or second hand.

Second hand stair lifts should be every bit as reliable as a brand new lift and most reputable firms will offer the same 12 month guarantee.

The life expectancy of a stair lift should be in excess of 10 years, however, anything much older than this and it is probably not worth using anymore. Stair lift suppliers generally stop making spare parts for the lifts after about 10 years.

Straight stair lifts can usually be adapted to fit another staircase because the stair lift rail can be cut to suit the length of the stair. This means that you can use a second hand rail and motor.

Curved staircases will need a new stair lift rail to be manufactured as it essential to have a rail that is made to measure. It is important that the rail is tight to the stairs and does not cause obstruction to others. A second hand motor and chair can still be used.

Second hand stairlifts are sometimes referred to as reconditioned stairlifts.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


An article from Renfrewshire website:

HUNDREDS of elderly men and women in Renfrewshire are having to wait months for specialist aids that allow them to carry on living in their own home.

The number of people waiting to be assessed for vital items such as walk-in showers and stair-lifts has increased by hundreds over the last year - rising from 400 to 600.

Furious Nationalists say the frail pensioners then have to wait even longer to have the items installed in their homes, making their lives a misery.

SNP politicians hit out at the growing number of people on the waiting list.
Councillor Alastair Nimmo blasted: "This is a problem which is really worrying elderly people.

"They desperately need these adaptations to enable them to stay in their home and move about. But there's a waiting list of 14 to 18 weeks before they're even assessed."

He told social work chiefs: "You might be providing some stuff, but you're not providing enough. We need more money to allow people to stay in their homes."

Fellow SNP councillor, Brian Lawson, added: "To have 600 people waiting on these lists is 600 cases of individual misery.

"These are people waiting for basic adaptations, ramps so they can get in and out of their houses and walk-in showers.

"It's a fairly simple thing which seems to takes months and months."

But Councillor Tommy Williams, convener of the council's community and family care policy board, defended the service social work chiefs provide for senior citizens.

Mr Williams, who is also the authority's older persons' champion, said they spend a massive £32million a year on care for the elderly - more than a third of the social work department's annual budget.

He highlighted the work they do, with thousands benefiting from home helps and hundreds of the most vulnerable people getting more than 10 hours of care and assistance every week.

Mr Williams admitted the waiting list had increased but explained there was a shortage of staff all across the country, coupled with an increase in demand.

He said: "There has been a build- up for the occupational therapy service again but we're working to reduce the waiting list.

"We know the list isn't acceptable but we can't manufacture occupational therapists as there's a nationwide shortage of them and also people's awareness of what is available is increasing."

Friday, June 10, 2005

Do you have a Stannah 260 Stair Lift for sale?

If you have a Stannah 260 stair lift that you no longer require, Dolphin Stair Lifts may be interested in buying it from you. We only use the chair and motor, because a new bespoke rail must be manufactured, however, we can offer you a reasonable sum for this and we will remove every part of the installation from your property. Please call us on 0800 9800 126 if you have a Stannah Stair Lift for sale.

Click on the following link to check if the stair lift that you have is a Stannah 260.

Dolphin Stair Lifts - Stannah Stair Lifts. Stannah's details are towards the bottom of the page.

Stair Lift Sales Statistics

Taken from an article by Thiis (The Homecare Industry Information Service)

The current size of the global stair lift industry is said to be around 100,000 units, worth around £130m at dealer prices, according to research. Broken down this amounts to 62,000 straight lifts and 38,000 curved lifts, with the largest market being in the UK where approximately 36,000 new lifts are sold each year.

Not surprisingly, given the public sector funding available, the UK and Netherlands have the highest ratio of stair lifts for every over 65 person in the population.

However, the general consensus is that other markets may now grow rapidly. For example, the North American market is forecast to grow by around 10% per annum. The US Census Bureau predicts that by 2030, the percentage of the US population over the age of 65 will have risen to around 19%, compared to 13% today. Other factors pointing towards potential growth in North America is the increasing market awareness of stair lifts, more disposable income available to the over 65's and the quality of products and expertise available locally.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bison Bede unveil new stair lifts at Naidex

The Naidex exhibition saw UK stair lift manufacturer and bathlift supplier Bison unveiling two new stair lifts – the entry level Bison 45 and the deluxe Bison 50 – two of the smoothest and quietest rides around. Supporting the new products is the popular Bison 80 curved stair lift and the company’s extensive bath lift range.

As Bison’s stair lift business is exclusively through national and international approved dealers, you will need to contact a company such as Dolphin Stair Lifts to purchase the lifts.

The new Bison 50 stair lift, similar in looks to the company’s renowned Compact models, benefits from a number of technical advancements all designed for greater reliability and operation. Key improvements have reduced installation time, down from 2-3 hours, to less than one hour, as well as providing a smoother and quieter ride. The Bison 50 offers the same range of options as the Compact including stand & perch, space saver and external configurations.

Bison’s new Bison 45 is the company’s basic entry model stair lift. A cost-effective unit, the Bison 45 incorporates many of the benefits of regular stair lifts but at a competitive price. With a built-in soft start/stop facility, comfortable ride and an integral high power rechargeable battery pack, the Bison 45 is always ready for use, even in the event of a power failure.

All Bison stair lifts are supplied with easy-use finger light controls, swivel seats for safer alighting, secure seatbelts and remote control handsets. All fold away when not in use to free up the staircase.

Stairlift article from Disability Now

Disabled people could be putting their lives at risk by buying do-it-yourself stairlift kits over the internet and installing them themselves, the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) has warned.

The trend developed in the United States and the association is worried it will become popular in the UK.

BHTA director general Ray Hodgkinson said DIY stairlifts are "an accident waiting to happen" and while disabled people think they are saving money by buying on the internet, they will pay in the long-term.

"Stairlifts must be installed by experienced professionals or the results could be tragic," he said.

Steve Dickinson, managing director of stairlift manufacturer Bison, said stairlifts are complex pieces of equipment and not something that can be installed "by a relative, friend or DIY enthusiast".

David Jenkins, product safety advisor for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: "The implications of getting it wrong would not only be financial.
"There could be serious injury or even death."

A spokesman for the Disabled Living Centres Council said stairlifts should be fitted by a qualified engineer.

He added that while the internet is useful for finding information about specific products, disabled people should seek advice from one of the 50 nationwide Disabled Living Centres or contact their helpline* before buying.

*Disabled Living Centres Council helpline 0161 834 1044

Stair Lift articles and websites

I have compiled a small list of websites and articles that could be useful and informative if you are buying a stair lift or planning to adapt a property to suit the needs of an elderly or disabled person.

"Standards and Procedures to Ensure that XXX Premises are Accessible to People with Disabilities"

by Andy Berry


BBC article concerning a Which? magazine report into selling practices of mobility aid companies


An Australian article about living with arthritis


An article from the Scottish executive about using the law to develop and improve equipment and adaptation provision


OTdirect is an independent site for Occupational Therapists, OT Assistants and OT students, produced by OTs in their spare time. It aims to provide not only links to useful resources on the web, but study notes, practice updates and training listings.


Information on Disabled Facilities grants from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Office of the deputy Prime Minister website

Information on grants and loans to help with repairs and improvements to the home including disabled facilities grants.

Citizens Advice Bureau

A guide to buying stairlifts


Dolphin Stair Lifts Spain

Dolphin Stairlifts, one of the UK's leading Independent Access Equipment Companies, is making its first foray into Europe with the opening of a branch in Alicante, Southern Spain. Under the management of husband and wife team, Jo and John Pickering, the branch will be offering a complete range of access equipment to ex-pats in the Costa Blanca region including stairlifts, bathroom products, recliners, step lifts and pool lifts.

Dolphin Stairlifts plans to open a second branch in Malaga later this year to cover the Costa del Sol region, and has plans for further expansion into Portugal and South West France. Already offering the largest number of branches of any access equipment company in the UK and Ireland, the new branch in Alicante brings Dolphin Stairlifts outlets to twenty-seven.

Spain has seen an upsurge in the number of British citizens either retiring to Southern Spain or buying holiday homes in the region to escape from the British Winter. In many cases, as the years go by, they need help with mobility and access equipment in order to maintain their quality of life.

Major advances in the development of mobility equipment over the past five years has resulted in a change of attitude towards those who would previously have gone into residential care. Whether a person requires a wheelchair lift, needs assistance to get up and downstairs, in or out of the bath, or even to get out and about, there is now a range of equipment to resolve these age-old problems.

Established in 1989 Dolphin Stairlifts has built its reputation by offering top quality, value for money products to single users, local authorities, private companies and social services departments. As the company is not limited to one manufacturer, and is the primary agent for all the renowned manufacturers of Access Equipment, it is continually testing new products to add to its range.

Commenting, Rob Edwards, of Dolphin Stairlifts says: "Our new branch in Alicante is managed by local people who are aware of the requirements within their locality but follow Dolphinís values of professional and customer care. Through our close association with many of the world's top commercial and residential manufacturers and incorporating our experience and innovation we have developed a range of outstanding products in the area of 'Access to All'."Dolphin Stairlifts, Spain, will offer a complete service to customers including assessment, training on product use, full maintenance and warranty packages, breakdown cover and scheduled servicing arrangements.