Friday, July 21, 2006

OAP Trapped by power cut

This article highlights a potential problem with mains powered stair lifts. Although a rare occurrence power cuts can strike at any time, to safeguard against this a battery powered stair lift can be installed. This means the lift will continue to work in the event of a loss of power to your home. However the stairlift should only be used sparingly at this time as the batteries will not be recharged until the power is switched back on. The downside to battery powered stairlifts is the additional maintenance costs involved. Manufacturers suggest that the batteries will need replacing every 3 years. It is also crucial to remember to keep the lift switched on at all times to ensure that the batteries are fully charged.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Welcome for a stairlift

TOWN councillors in Marlborough have welcomed plans by the town's public school to install a stairlift to aid disabled access to its Memorial Hall.

The hall in Bath Road is used for numerous community events as well as Marlborough College activities.

It is the biggest venue in the town and, only last week, was used for a public consultation meeting about the future of health services in the district.

Former mayor Coun Graham Francis urged colleagues to support the application.
Coun Francis said there was already a stairlift at the Memorial Hall's eastern entrance used mainly by artistes.

He said the general public usually used the western entrance where access for the disabled was difficult because of steps.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Solar stairlift 'just bonkers'

Here's an update to the Stair Lift on Dartmoor Tor story. Not quite sure how a solar powered stairlift would work, but it doesn't sound very reliable.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Care and Repair team provide stairlift help

For more information about Care and Repair services and the forum telephone: 01733 742510

Stairlift planned for Dartmoor tor

Another article related to stairlifts. This one appered on the BBC website, and raises an interesting dilemma for visitor attratctions and their responsibility to provide access for the elderly or disabled. Should a stairlift be installed at Haytor Rocks?

Radio 4 presenter mentions his stairlift embarassment

In this article, which appeared on the Guardian website, Nick Clarke mentions his embarrassment at needing a stairlift, but explains that he'd rather conserve his energy for other things.,,1810504,00.html

Nick Clarke, 58, is a presenter of The World at One on Radio 4. He was diagnosed with cancer at the end of last year and underwent surgery to remove a leg, an experience he documented, along with his twins and wife in a moving diary broadcast last week.

You can listen to the diary on the BBC website by clicking the following link.

Pensioner stranded 'by phone signals'

The following report appeared on the Manchester Evening News website.

Pensioner stranded 'by phone signals'

Whilst there is a possibility of interference from a radio mast, it is a rare occurrence. We have occasionally encountered problems with radio controls on stair lifts that are near an airport. However with hard wired controls and infra-red controls now widely available then there is always a solution.