Thursday, October 08, 2009

Who will mend the Vale Stairlifts?

This article is taken from the Vale Mail.

The Council no longer repairs stairlifts that it has installed, Vale’s 2005 Group heard at its meeting tonight.

CVCHA Chief Executive Peter Richmond said that his organisation has got to decide whether or not to take on the responsibility that the City Council used to have for maintaining stairlifts. “We have some difficult decisions,” he told the meeting. “The ageing population of Castle Vale is likely to need more stairlifts in the future. If we take on responsibilities that the council can no longer afford, we may have to transfer money from other sources. This is where the recession really starts to bite.”

He said that they would not want a situation to arise where a broken stairlift might mean that an elderly person has to live on the groundfloor and use a commode because they are unable to get to the toilet upstairs.