Thursday, September 24, 2009

A stairlift could cost as little to run as 1.3p per day

Mobility aids can give elderly or disabled people a new lease of life; allowing them the freedom to move alone, and to stay independent in their own home for longer. Every senior citizen should consider how the use of a mobility aid could make their life easier, and safer. But many worry about the hidden costs of stairlifts, so here is some data which should help them breathe easier.

A stairlift could cost as little to run as 1.3p per day, which comes in at under £5 per year! When you compare the cost of running a stairlift to other household items (at
it becomes apparent that the cost to run a Stannah Stairlift is really nothing to worry about. A lightbulb costs £14 per year, a washing machine double that. A tumble dryer can cost up to £60 to run for a year, and a television around £20. These stats are based on average usage according to the calculator at, and on seven return journeys in the stairlift.

Many people put off making adaptations to their homes, wondering if they might be leaving sometime soon. Elderly and disabled people will be forced to leave their home if it becomes difficult to get around, so making home improvements, including installing a Stannah Stairlift, is one of the best ways to make their home easily navigable again. The stairlifts work by charging a battery at the top and bottom of the stairs, so you’ll never find yourself stranded in the middle of the stairs and out of juice. As the data above proves, the expense to run a stairlift is pretty measly, so the only cost you need to worry about is the initial spend on the stairlift and it’s installation.