Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reconditioned Stairlifts

Reconditioned Straight Stairlifts

Over the last few years prices of new stairlifts have fallen considerably. It is now possible to buy a new stairlift for around the same price that a second hand lift would have been 10 or 15 years ago. Consequently many perfectly serviceable stairlifts are being scrapped.

Dolphin Mobility currently have in excess of 100 straight stairlifts in stock, ready to install. Most of the lifts we have are Stannah, Meditek and Bison Bede, many are only a few months old.

For a limited time we will supply and install a second hand straight stairlift in the South-East of England for £900, including a 2 year parts and labour warranty in office hours (With most new stairlifts you only get 12 months). The only extra you may have to pay would be for a power point, if you don't have one that we can use.

Reconditioned Curved Stairlifts

As Stannah's largest Trade Customer over the last 10 years, Dolphin have also built up a large stock of second hand Stannah 260 stairlifts. Unlike straight stairlifts a new track has to be made for your staircase. Whilst many companies use re-fabricated tracks, we will have a new track designed and manufactured by Stannah to fit your stairs precisely. The cost will vary according to the length of track required, but will start at £2800 including installation and a 12 month guarantee.

The list on the website is a selection of our current stock of reconditioned stairlifts, which are available from our branch in Surrey, covering London and the South-East. Most other branches will have second-hand units available, but prices and availability can vary. These prices are supeceded by the offer above

All our straight reconditioned stairlifts include the rail, up to 4 metres in length, installation, and a one year parts and labour warranty. The price does not include power point or options such as hinged rails

In the event we do not have a rail of suitable length in stock, we can supply a new rail at an additional charge of between £150.00 and £250.00 dependent on manufacturer.