Thursday, September 28, 2006

Swivel Seat Stairlift Chairs

There are a number of options available to make using a stair lift easier. The most obvious option is to have a swivel seat stairlift. This means that you can swivel the chair when you reach the top of the stairs, so that you are facing away from the staircase when you get off. The swivel seat is usually operated by pressing down on a lever at the side of the chair. A swivel seat stairlift makes it much easier and safer to get on and off the lift. The stairlift chair then acts as a barrier so that if you were to lose balance you could not fall down the stairs. A swivel seat is a standard option on most stairlifts these days, so you shouldn't have to pay extra.

Powered swivel seats are also available if you are unable to swivel the seat yourself. Most of the powered swivel options are now automatic. When the chair reaches the top of the rail there will be a short delay and the seat will then swivel the user onto the landing. This option will add to the cost of the stairlift and the quality can vary according to the manufacturer. As always seek independent advice and get prices from more than one source. If a powered swivel isn't necessary at the moment but could be useful in the future make sure the seat can be adapted.