Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Stairlift Scheme

An article from Bridgend County Council's website:

More than 40 stair lifts have been installed in local homes across Bridgend County Borough since the pilot stair lift scheme was launched in August 2003.

A close working partnership between Bridgend County Borough Council and the Bridgend County Care and Repair Agency means that straight-flight stair lifts can now be installed within 14 days of an initial referral from the council's occupational therapists.

The success is the result of new powers that allow local authorities greater flexibility in providing grants. Residents are also receiving financial benefits from the scheme as well as gaining full access to their own homes.

The council oversees the application process and arranges for occupational therapists to visit residents at home where they carry out an assessment of their needs. Meanwhile, the Bridgend Cou
nty Care and Repair Agency provides advice and guidance and helps applicants claim benefits that they may be eligible for, such as attendance allowance, council tax benefit or pension credit.

Feedback on the scheme has been highly positive and the council is now looking at other innovative ways to improve services and reduce customer waiting times.

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